backtowork2 2015   ||   CANVAS  |   PAPER

each; oil on canvas; 30×30 cm

The series GEHORSAM,
shows 18 oil paintings inspired by a book named „orbis catholicus – Bilder gläubiger Menschen und geheiligter Formen“. The shots were taken in the 1930ies and show people and their lives among the catholic church in Europe. The paintings depict modified fragments of black-and-white-photographs from this book. The first line in this book: „A photograph can only capture and reveal exterior appearances of catholicism“ *, was somehow a challange for me to start this project. There are such stong connections in between those photographs and also the persons depicted, that I thought that there is much more to them than merely their exterior appearance. There has to be an order, a straight line they follow. I was confused, when I first saw the photographs of those severe, furrowed faces of the monks, cardinals and the childrens‘ deprived childhood caught in these shots. They all look so frustrated in their conservative, uniformed clothes.

* „Das Lichtbild kann bloß äußere Erscheinungsformen des katholizismus festhalten und wiedergeben“ (FRÜHWIRTH, 1930, 7).

brother 1 | brother 2
oil on canvas; 70×50 cm

1; oil on canvas; 70×50 cm
2; oil on canvas; 40×30 cm


pfeil_oben 2015   ||   PAPER   |   canvas

KHM studies
ink on paper; 20×15 cm

ink on paper; A5

composition order
ink on paper; around A5


120 man with hat are moving
ink on paper; A4

chalk and ink on paper; about 40 x 60 cm


ink and chalk on paper; 70 x 50


ruins (prints)


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